Express Group’s VRT Station, which is conveniently located next to the Express Group’s Head Office, has been in successful operation for the past ten years. It not only offers an Express VRT Service for normal passenger vehicles but also specialises in the VRT servicing of commercial vehicles as well as the servicing of whole fleets of cars for commercial organisations and car leasing companies. Being one of the largest VRT stations on the island it was built with two separate entrances that allow easy maneuvering of larger vehicles such as trucks and buses. The availability of two test lanes also decreases the waiting time.

Clients may choose to drop off their vehicle at the station and be contacted once the servicing is complete; the Group ensures that the client is well accommodated. 

Opening hours

Weekdays 7am - 4pm 

Saturdays 7am - 12pm 

Call on 25589902 to book your appointment. 


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