Ebcon Group

“The Ebcon Group has been serviced by Express Trailers for these past 15 years. Throughout these years, Express Trailers have helped us a lot in meeting our customers’ tight deadlines since in the importation of consignments and the re-exporting back of our fresh products, time and punctuality are of an utmost and vital importance. Notwithstanding these delicate demands,  the services have always been highly satisfactory.
One of the major positive traits in the overall service delivered by Express Trailers is the fact that they are highly equipped to the extent that they can customize their service according to our needs and each consignment is treated on its own merits. Ultimately we are not surprised that reliability and cost effectiveness are the words that best describe Express Trailers and their product offer.”

Giovanni Ellul
Executive Director
Ebcon Group of Companies


Fresh Tuna Operations

"As Fish & Fish Ltd, we have been utilizing Express Group for the past fifteen years. The company has assisted us in our customs clearance and freight forwarding procedures in a very efficient way and today, both companies are sharing an excellent and mutual business relationship. Part of the success of this business relation comes from the fact that we are handled by very well-trained staff and a sound infrastructure backed by the largest and best maintained fleet in the business.
Employees at Fish & Fish Ltd who are on a daily contact with Express Trailers are proud to work with company representatives who are always cordial, honest and helpful. We do consider Express Trailers as our true logistics partners."

Alex Galea
Financial Controller
Fish & Fish Limited


The American Embassy

"The Embassy has been getting the best service from Express Trailers for these last 19 years. We get an impeccable service from Express Trailers as regards all services for any type of shipping both locally and abroad through their wide network of foreign agents. I also need to add Eyre Cargo Services who takes care of all air shipments who is part of Express Trailers.

One of the strongest points is that Express Trailers is in a position to service our requirements from A to Z without the need to sub-contracting any service. This makes it easier to deal with just one company for a full service than with various companies. As regards the qualities for Express Trailers, we think that this company is the best of the best for any type of shipping and local handling of all kinds of cargo.

Express Trailers are also handling all the shipments both by sea and by air for our new Embassy in Ta’ Qali. They got this contract from the American company that is responsible for the project. This company was impressed with the whole set-up of Express Trailers in our small country, as they did not see the same set-up in bigger countries where they already built other American Embassies. I think that it makes a difference when one gets a very good service especially with a smile from all their employees. Something that sometimes is difficult to get locally."


Francis Gaffarena
The American Embassy in Malta 

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