Express Trailers’ 3 Year Commitment to Maltese Sport

14th July 2016

After recently extending its logistical support to this year’s ongoing edition of the Alive2016 Cycling Challenge, Express Trailers today announced a three-year support commitment with three of the most successful athletics clubs in Malta namely Żurrieq Wolves Athletic Club, Mellieħa Athletic Club and Mosta Cycling Club.

The announcement was made during a press event during which the three 3-year sponsorships were presented to representatives of the respective three clubs.

“Our company’s operations are mainly based on road transport. We have a network of operations across all of mainland Europe but the start and finish of each delivery happens on Malta’s roads. Therefore, although we are doing a necessary job of transporting food, pharma and cargo for the ultimate benefit and consumption of the local market, we also acknowledge that our fleet of trucks and trailers put a burden on all the other road users, especially the more vulnerable ones such as runners and cyclists. Our sponsorship towards these Clubs, whose competitions take place on our roads, seeks to redress the balance,” said Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers during the presentation.

Referring to the choice of clubs, Franco Azzopardi said “we have already had the pleasure to collaborate and support a number of events organised by Żurrieq Wolves Athletic Club, Mellieħa Athletic Club and Mosta Cycling Club and this was an opportunity for us to confirm that these three clubs are amongst the most committed clubs in Malta. This is what spurred Express Trailers to formalise a new three-year sponsorship agreement with each of them.”

“I have always believed in the importance of sport as a holistic way of self-development. I myself come from a very strong sport background. It is therefore natural that I encourage our own people to practice sport and we do have a number of employees who are successful members of some of these clubs. Besides supporting our employees’ involvement in sport however, we also look at these sponsorships as a way to encourage more employees to take up sport. We do in fact make arrangements for them to participate in these clubs’ respective events and today as a result, more of our employees have taken up an active lifestyle,” added Franco Azzopardi.

Clifton Caruana from Żurrieq Wolves Athletic Club explained how Express Trailers’ sponsorship to Żurrieq Wolves Athletic Club covers the annual organisation of the Express Trailers Żurrieq Half Marathon, 10km Run and 10km Walk every November.

“Up to four years ago, our event held annually in November used to attract just about 130 athletes. When Express Trailers decided to start its supporting collaboration with our Club, our main aim was to see this event grow. In the three years that followed, Express Trailers’ support attracted further interest in the event to the extent that this is now being organised by the organisers of the Malta Marathon in collaboration with the Zurrieq Local Council. All this boosted our events and last year’s 18th Edition attracted over 1000 athletes – a milestone which is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us,” said Clifton Caruana. 

Ivan Cassar, President of Mellieħa Athletics Club thanked Express Trailers for the sponsorship and noted how “the Mellieħa Athletics Club is the leading club in Malta when it comes to road running in Malta given the number of top-ranking athletes from our club, and also through the good number of club members participating in any local road race.”

“This sponsorship which coincides with our Club’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, will assist us in our ongoing investment to the nursery division which this year also marks its 5th anniversary, the upgrade of running events and equipment, particularly the Duathlon which has been sponsored for the first time by Express Trailers and improve training programmes for our current and new members.”

Thanking Express Trailers for their sponsorship, Edward Enriquez, Club Secretary of the Mosta Cycling Club noted how Mosta Cycling Club is the Oldest club in Malta formed in 1953 and how in 2015, it started its affiliation with the Malta Triathlon Federation.

“We are also delighted that Express Trailers chose to support us through their door-to-door delivery brand This brand will be our main sponsor for the Club’s Triathlon Section. In fact the sponsorship will not only finance the design and purchase of our Triathlon Suits, but will also help us organise our forthcoming triathlons races.”  

Besides financial support for the club’s respective events, Express Trailers also commits its logistical support not only through promotional help but also with the supply of a vehicle to be utilised as the lead car during the races as well as lending of other vehicles such as trucks, trailers and vans to assist the organisers in their final setup.

Franco Azzopardi concluded by urging all motorists to drive more responsibly on the road to ensure their own safety and that of athletes and cyclists on the road.

Malta Transport’s Road Safety Council said “is pleased to note this initiative by Express Trailers where through its support to Maltese sport, it is encouraging a safer use of our roads. This is in line with the Council's commitment to promote the importance of respect and consideration on our roads amongst all road users, be they drivers, bikers, passengers or pedestrians.”


The next event by Mosta Cycling Club is the Santa Maria Cycling Sprints on 7th August. More information about the forthcoming races may be found on


The next event by Mellieħa Athletic Club will be the Alfresco 5 km race in B’bugia on the 26th of August. Registration on race day prior to the event.


The 19th edition of the Express Trailers Żurrieq Half Marathon, 10km Run and 10km Walk will be held on the 6th of November. To register visit

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