The Orange Fleet Keeps Growing Bigger and Stronger

11th April 2018

Growth in the population brings about an increase in consumption and hence importation. Sustained consumer demand as well as an increase in the demand for the importation and transportation of heavy machinery and equipment has therefore led Express Trailers to invest in further vehicles for its growing fleet.

The company has just added to its fleet 4 new DAF tractor units for its domestic operations, one DAF curtain-sided truck which will be deployed at Express Trailers’ Bonds section in ─Žal Far, two temperature-controlled box vans to be deployed by the domestic operations team and a new low loader to be used by both domestic and international operations. Besides transporting special machinery and construction equipment, this low loader can also transport heavy plant for regular operations.

Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers said that when it comes to its fleet of vehicles and trailers, Express Trailers was never a company to shy away from investment.

“Since its earliest days, Express Trailers’ leading edge was always based on having the right means with which to operate and a high propensity to invest in its business enablers, people, equipment and space. Its fleet was always at the forefront of any long-term investment and whenever the company looked at growth, this was always in terms of fleet resources. We believe that an upgraded and diversified fleet enables better and more efficient logistics operations that satisfy clients’ increasing demands. As long as we keep investing in new transportation vehicles in tandem with the best drivers, we will keep operating in the safest and most reliable manner,” said Franco Azzopardi.

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