Express Trailers delivers Industrial Ovens To Busy Bee’s New Factory

11th May 2018

Express Trailers continued to confirm itself as a leading expert in industrial relocations and the transportation of heavy plant and machinery when it recently delivered the new industrial ovens for Busy Bee’s new factory in Mrieħel Industrial Estate.

Currently in a very advanced stage, Busy Bee’s new state of the art factory covers a footprint of 3,000m² and involves a six-million-euro investment. It is spilt on three floors amounting to a total of 8,000m² and will include a 70-car carpark, eight separate production lines, offices, staff facilities, stores and over 330m² of cold rooms.

“Besides being a client of Express Trailers, we are also happy to note that Busy Bee shares a lot of values with Express Trailers namely a commitment to provide a better environment for its employees, optimization and constant strengthening of our operational processes and a propensity to keep growing and succeeding. We are proud of the business relationship we have with a major food producer like Busy Bee and are delighted that the company once again trusted Express Trailers with the delicate transportation of these state of the art industrial ovens,” said Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers.

The handling of special transportation projects involves a lot of underlying risks, risks which can only be foreseen by people with long years of experience in such projects. Express Trailers is highly trusted with the transportation of high value items, machinery and plant relocations, heavy lifts, the moving and handling of any type of cargo including sophisticated medical equipment as well as relocation of offices and diplomatic corps.

“Together with the client, we go through all stages of the operation, we plan security routes and delivery schedules to make sure that on the day, everything goes smoothly and according to plan. The successful delivery of these industrial ovens to Busy Bee, notwithstanding the fact that the site is not yet easily accessible, was yet another job that confirms our undisputed reputation thanks to specialised equipment and the professional logistics foresight of our people on site,” concluded Mr Azzopardi.


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