Express Trailers Handles Logistics for Largest Historical Re-Enactment Battle Ever Held in Malta

28th May 2018

Oxford’s English Dictionary defines logistics as "the branch of military science relating to procuring, maintaining and transporting material, personnel and facilities. Military strategy in fact, holds logistics as the most crucial element and some of the most successful historical leaders such as Hannibal, Alexander the Great and the Duke of Wellington are considered to have been logistics geniuses.

Express Trailers is now behind the logistics of what is being considered as one of the largest military re-enactments ever held in Malta – the “220th Anniversary of the French in Malta” - a series of events being organised by the Historical Re-Enactment Group of Malta. Express Trailers is carrying a total of 84 boxes of material (uniforms and other equipment) from across Europe, including Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

Over 550 re-enactors from 60 different associations from 17 countries are taking part in this event due from the 6th to the 10th of June to commemorate the events that changed Maltese history, and to shed light on the birth of the movement that eventually brought about Maltese nationhood.

“It can safely be said that behind every great battle won, there is a great logistics plan. Logistics planning and transport are our main areas of expertise and therefore we felt we had to associate ourselves with this commemorative event by supporting the huge logistics operation to help make this event possible. We are also delighted that this important commemoration falls on this year when Express Trailers happens to be marking forty years of delivering to and from France. This goes to further emphasize our strong business relationship with France,” said Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers.

This event shall portray the arrival of the French and the invasion of Malta that took place 220 years ago in June and will terminate with the French surrender in Gozo which took place at the end of October of 1798. All events which will be open for the public shall include both the educational and cultural aspects with most of them also having a high entertainment value.

The Historical Re-enactment Group of Malta is the country’s oldest voluntary historical living history society, and the largest. Set up in 1998 to mark the Government’s official commemoration of 200th anniversary of the French arrival in Malta, in the two decades that ensued HRGM organised scores of cultural activities and re-enactments across Malta and participated in events organised by entities such as the Malta Community Chest Fund, the Armed Forces of Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority, Heritage Malta, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, Din l-Art Helwa and several local councils.

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