Express Trailers recently completed the delivery of around 40km of ductile iron pipes to Malta on behalf of Electrosteel Castings (UK) Ltd. The purple-coloured pipes ranging from 80mm to 300mm in diameter will be deployed in a project launched last year by the Water Services Corporation at Ta’ Barkat limits of Xgħajra, for the provision of a viable, high-quality alternative to groundwater extraction.

The project, co-financed through EU Cohesion funds, will see the expansion of the current distribution system of treated sewage network for irrigation by farmers in Malta the South and Gozo. In fact, it is estimated that the 40km of pipes being used will be covering almost 60% of the second class water distribution system in the Maltese Islands.

Electrosteel UK has been working with Express Trailers for around 8 years. Since then, Express Trailers have continuously delivered similar potable pipe consignments including during the rebuilding of the Coast Road, where they even unloaded the pipes at various contractors on the trenching site.

Several times, when Water Services Corporation needed urgent supplies of either pipes or accessories, Express Trailers collected these by trailer from the UK and delivered them on site in less than a week, stated a representative of Electrosteel Castings Ltd in Malta.

The ductile iron pipes were manufactured by Electrosteel Castings Ltd of India who has been delivering such pipes for use in the distribution of potable water since 2001. To date, they have delivered over 375km of pipes, with all orders obtained after competitive tenders against other suppliers.

The Water Services Corporation has worked on the concept of providing a viable, high-quality alternative to groundwater abstraction for many years. The fruit of all the research and in-house design and construction by WSC’s technical experts is already helping Malta’s environment and water sustainability.