Today, less and less employees are deciding on whether to stay or not with a company based on compensation but increasingly on other factors such as the feel-good factor the company gives them, how respected and valued they are and the opportunities for professional growth and development.


This was proved in a recent survey conducted by MISCO which found that employee orientation and recognition, employee development and enhancement as well as job stability are the top three values that employees find most appealing when considering applying for a post with a new company. Interestingly, remuneration ranked as the fourth quality followed by creativity and innovation, commitment to quality, customer focus and performance orientation.

“At Express Trailers, people are our biggest business drivers and also our biggest investment. They know how respected and valued they are and in fact, we have a very low employee turnover,” says Franco Azzopardi, Chairman and CEO of Express Trailers.

A new state-of-the-art learning centre


Express Trailers has recently completed a new state-of-the-art learning centre for the training of its employees. The LOGIC Learning Centre located within Express Trailers’ premises, represents an investment in two interjoined but dividable halls, three mini-lecture rooms which will also serve as meeting rooms, all with state-of-the-art sound engineering and multi-media video and teleconference equipment.

The complex is also served with a modern canteen and outdoor chill area for users of the facilities. The LOGIC will be managed by the company’s Training Academy which Express Trailers launched last year.

Speaking about this investment, Franco Azzopardi explains how this new training centre will also be open to the company’s clients and other parties who are interested to learn more about the intricate world of logistics and commerce both as a future business prospect and also from a career perspective.

“As logistics leaders, we want to turn Express Trailers into a learning institution for the logistics world because we do not just hire people but we train them to become experts in the field of transport and logistics. Our people drive our business by optimising equipment, space, distance and time. They bring their experience to address all the logistics risks involved. To keep delivering our hallmark premium quality service, they need to keep getting the best training and this is what we will be delivering through our new The LOGIC Learning Centre,” said Franco Azzopardi.

“We are investing substantially in this learning centre and in the training academy so our people will have all the opportunities where to clash the minds and become inspired and energized to be better in what they do, to serve our clients better. People will connect at The Logic. It is where Express Trailers’ ‘Excellence, Experience and Expertise’ maxim finds its tangible fruition,” he added.

The Express Trailers Training Academy was launched last year to offer all employees continued training for them to become professionals in their respective fields and for them to remain abreast with the latest developments in the transport and logistics market. Since then, 35 training sessions have been delivered with the participation of over 250 employees who obtained professional certification in a variety of subjects such as Incoterms and Transport Documentation, Cyber Security, Technical Training and other training related to specific departments.

“Our employees are not just employees. When they start working with us, they become experts and professionals in their work and on many occasions, they are the ones passing on their acquired knowledge and experience to newer employees. In fact, more hands-on training on the job and formal training by experienced employees is being planned from this coming September. Ongoing training, sharing of experience and a persuasive attitude towards working safely form our #WeAreOrange culture and love mark.”

Investment in a more professional and safer VRT operation

Besides the professional development of its people, Express Trailers, through its sister company Express VRT Ltd has also invested in a new VRT Service Centre.

This VRT Centre was formerly located inside Express Trailers’ operations yard but now, it has now been relocated to larger and more modern at the top of Imgieret Road, next to the ShipLowCost central depot, just across the road from Express Trailers’ head offices.

“Besides an obvious need to optimise our operative space to achieve more efficiencies, the major driver for this move was to offer a safer operative environment both for our people who manage the VRT operation and also to the many clients who use our VRT service. Our workers and customers can now enjoy a safer environment,” said Mr Azzopardi.

“Safety remains a paramount aspect at all levels of Express Trailers’ operations. VRT is about ensuring that cars are safe on the roads and therefore, as professed ambassadors to Road Safety, we are proud to have entered this huge investment to offer a most modern and safe VRT testing operation,” he added.

Express Trailers has been offering its VRT service for over ten years. Besides servicing normal vehicles, the Express VRT Service is also equipped to assess larger industrial vehicles as well as commercial car fleets and leased fleets.

The Express VRT station is open on weekdays between 7am and 4pm and on Saturdays between 7am and 12pm. For further information one may call on 25589902. For added convenience, clients may choose to drop off their vehicle at the station and be contacted once the servicing is complete.

“At Express Trailers, the three main business drivers are our space, our equipment and our people. Investing in our people and in our operations help us remain focused on our main purpose – that of adding value to our shareholders,” concluded Franco Azzopardi.