The times are what they are, trying and challenging. And many times, it is very tempting for companies to put certain priorities on the backburner. One such common mistake is to stop investing in people training, risking demotivation and a gradual dismantling of their human resources. 

However, Express Trailers’ constant investment and meticulous reorganisation of its internal processes and governance structures meant that today, the company was robustly positioned to face the ongoing pandemic head on. 

“We not only made sure to leave no one behind but we stepped up our training and development calendar to keep all our employees abreast with their respective lines of work,” said Nicole Vella, Head of HR at Express Trailers. 

Over 20 training courses have been delivered so far this year for Express Trailers’ 300 employees and more courses are in the pipeline for the coming weeks. Training has covered technical, managerial, administrative, health and safety issues, local and overseas procedures, operational risk management as well as compulsory programs required for the handling of pharmaceutical products. 

In 2018, Express Trailers was the first logistics company to launch its very own in-house Training Academy to offer all employees continued training for them to become professionals in their respective fields. 

In the first few months since the launch of the Academy, 35 training sessions were delivered with the participation of all employees who obtained professional certification in a variety of subjects such as Incoterms and Transport Documentation, Cyber Security, Technical Training and other training related to specific departments. In 2019, to further support the Academy, Express Trailers also inaugurated The LOGIC, a state-of-the-art learning centre where employees today receive all their professional training. 

“At Express Trailers, our people remain our best resource and for them to keep delivering our hallmark premium quality service, they need to keep getting the best training. At Express Trailers, our employees become logistics experts and eventually, they become the ones passing on their acquired knowledge and experience to newer employees. Ongoing training, sharing of experience and working safely are an intrinsic part of our #WeAreOrange culture,” concluded Nicole Vella. 

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