Employees from Express Trailers Engineering have once again had the opportunity to show off their ingenuity and meticulous approach to their work after having delivered a newly reconditioned Hammar side-loader model 151HC to a Maltese client. 

The side-loader now features a telescopic chassis, has been modified with container-stacking capabilities for 20-foot containers and has a weight-lifting capacity of 36 tonnes. 

The job entailed a four-week project which involved a team from Express Trailers Engineering, led by Director Noel Vella, who is also Head of Fleet Maintenance at Express Trailers.

“Our latest delivery of this Hammar 151 HC side-loader shows the attention to detail and the professional approach which we apply to our projects. In fact, when companies seek to invest in these vehicles, they turn to Express Trailers Engineering not only for our inventiveness but also for the way we use our people’s talent to successfully deliver solutions for our demanding customers,” said Noel Vella.

Express Trailers Engineering Ltd. is one of Express Trailers’ latest ventures and the result of over 18 years of professional collaboration with the world leader in proprietary side-loaders Hammar Maskin, a Swedish company that produces proprietary side-loading equipment for trailers.

Impressed by the talent and resourcefulness of Express Trailers’ tradesmen, Hammar eventually nominated Express Trailers Engineering as its authorized partner in the Southern European region and the only recognised and accredited Hammar equipment re-builder in the world, recognised for its highest engineering and tradesmanship quality standards.

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