A three-year investment project consisting of a new transport management system is currently being rolled out across most departments at Express Trailers. 

Project CarLo in fact, involves the implementation of a Transport Management System platform aimed at simplifying and bringing new efficiencies in the processing of client documentation, processing bookings and improved internal communication. 

“Put simply, we are aiming to facilitate the transition from manual work processes to digitalisation, therefore simplifying both internal and external documentation,” explains Charles Arapa, Head of Analytics, BI and Automation at Express Trailers who is heading the implementation of this project. 

“We set out on this project with three main targets in mind namely to optimise the operating procedure, to broaden and deepen our business intelligence capabilities and to engage more intimately with our customers. By digitizing most processes, linking various departments together and delivering new efficiencies, I believe the CarLo platform has all the credentials to re-confirm Express Trailers as the top logistics company in Malta,” adds Charles. 

The CarLo Transport Management System was engaged through a procurement process which saw a total of 33 submissions. The chosen system had all major functionalities ready, with Express Trailers needing to adapt its processes in line with CarLo. 

Implementation was planned across three main phases and work started in September 2018 followed up immediately with the first in-house training the following month. 

“Phase 1 saw the compilation of all the Master Data within Carlo and roll-out of system on the full trailer loads. Phase 2 will see the software implemented across our Air freight, Sea freight, Local distribution and LTL modules whereas Phase 3 will involve Customs Clearance, link with other information modules, Track & Trace, as well as further enhancements to the implemented processes and introduction of further automation. 

“At the moment we are at phase 2 and we just completed roll out of the software on our Sea freight operations. We are very upbeat about this project as we have already started seeing marked improvements. In fact, there are areas where the processing time has already been improved by a staggering 50%!” “Implementing such a mammoth project across an organisation like Express Trailers has been very challenging but the beauty of CarLo is that, now that we have started seeing improvements in the way we process our documentation, employees are becoming even more interested in it.” 

“Training on the application of this platform is also more effective and our German trainers have been helping us familiarize with all modules and assisting all those involved with the configuration and update of the workflows to automate work as much as possible.” 

Charles admits that although the project is quite advanced, the journey is still long. “We will soon be in a position to migrate to the new platform. Once we do, we should be working on other important elements such as improvement of pricing, centralisation of local operations, the introduction of Customs Clearance declaration modules which will be linked directly to Customs as well as give clients access to the system so they can track their consignments.” 

“Most importantly, CarLo is an investment that brought all employees even closer as we all worked on a common goal. There is a shared understanding of how vital it was for Express Trailers to deliver this project at this specific point in time. Now, we all know that CarLo will help us achieve new levels of efficiencies through further digitalisation, improved Business Intelligence, and a more meaningful customer experience,” concluded Charles. 

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