Franco Azzopardi CEO Express Group

A popular adage goes “communicate only when you have something to say”. 

We have a lot to say not only because a lot is happening at Express Trailers but because we truly believe in the power of communication and in the importance of fostering constant contact between all members of the ORANGE family. 

I therefore welcome you to this very first edition of THE EXPRESS LINK, our very own in-house newsletter through which we shall be communicating with you, our employees, shareholders, clients and stakeholders. 

This year’s experience has inspired us to reach out more to each other. I would even venture in saying that possibly, we have never communicated as much as we have been doing during these past months. 

This time has made us aware of a few important certainties. We started appreciating more time with the family, we are becoming more grateful for the simpler things in life which we might have taken for granted in the past. We also watched transport and logistics become more indispensable as a critical conduit that feeds consumer and industrial goods into Malta and out. As major operators, and thanks to the hard work of you all, we remained committed to our role to ensure that the Maltese keep finding their life’s essentials on the shelves. 

In such uncertain times, customers want to be supported by who they trust most. This is why our customers kept trusting us with their cargo, more than ever before.

From our end, we ensured continuity by keeping open all channels from and to countries that remained open and made sure our operations for import and export kept functioning while optimizing our routes to remain viable and competitive. 

As logisticians, we have been Built to Serve. This was the company’s driving force throughout the past sixty years, adopting a leading role in the economic development of our country. These times are no exception, as we apply our knowledge into our operations and methods whilst keeping our people at the forefront of whatever we do. 

From here, I want to salute our Board of Directors, all the management and last but not least, our truckers, local drivers, assistants, warehousing personnel and employees. 

The collective strength of your work, commitment and passion has once again defined Express Trailers in these times of uncertainty and helped Express Trailers build a resilient operation based on a top quality service. Our commitment now is to be as united as ever to make sure to leave no one behind.

THE EXPRESS LINK is but another effort to ensure communication remains the most vital link between us all.

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