As logistics leaders, Express Trailers seeks to become a catalyst in the development of the transport and logistics sector by training its people to become expert logisticians. This is why after establishing its very own Training Academy, Express Trailers launched a new state-of-the-art learning centre: The LOGIC. Located within Express Trailers’ premises, THE LOGIC represents an investment in two interjoined but dividable halls, three mini-lecture rooms which will also serve as meeting rooms, all with state-of-the-art sound engineering and multi-media video and teleconference equipment.

THE LOGIC is where Express Trailers’ employees get ongoing training and are now obtaining professional certification on a regular basis in a variety of subjects such as Incoterms and Transport Documentation, Cyber Security, Technical Training and other training related to specific departments and operations. People connect at The Logic and it is where Express Trailers’ ‘Excellence, Experience and Expertise’ maxim finds its tangible fruition. Ongoing training, sharing of experience and a persuasive attitude towards working safely form Express Trailers’ #WeAreOrange culture and love mark.

THE LOGIC is now also open to the company’s clients and other organisations who are interested to learn more about the intricate world of logistics and commerce both as a future business prospect and also from a career perspective.